Ray Tracing in One Weekend written in Scala with options

Usage: Ray Tracing in One Weekend Written in Scala [options]

  --width <value>          width (default: 600)
  --height <value>         height (default: 400)
  --min-float <value>      min-float (default: 0.001)
  --n-samples <value>      n-samples (default: 10)
  --random-seed <value>    random-seed (default: 101)
  --mode <value>           mode - image or anime (default: image)
  --anime-skip-step <value>
                           anime-skip-step (default: 3)
  --anime-dt <value>       delta t (default: 0.01)
  --anime-t-min <value>    anime-t-min (default: 0.0)
  --anime-t-max <value>    anime-t-max (default: 6.0)
  --anime-out-dir-path <value>
                           directory path of output anime images (default: anime_out)
  --img-format <value>     output image format (default: text-ppm)
  --out-file <value>       path of output file (default: stdout)